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The Saudi Advisory Group Against Stroke was a professional medical organization, formed in 2001 and was composed of Specialists working in different hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who are interested in promoting the local management and services provided for stroke victims in the Kingdom.

One of the most important objectives of this group was to increase the public awareness about stroke and to educate people about all aspects of stroke. It was SAGAS aim that the public should be able to recognize symptoms of stroke, to know the importance of controlling the risk factors and to be aware that there is an acute treatment that can be applied soon after stroke onset, which can modify the outcome of stroke..

Also, the group was working on promoting and encouraging the establishment of stroke units across the nation due to their important role in acute stroke management.

To achieve its goal, the group conducted numerous scientific activities, public awareness days, launched a website (see the inauguration ceremony of website by former minister of health, Prof. Shubokshi, in Arabic), published numerous pamphlets and booklets, and also was involved with sport ..

SAGAS was a founding and a key member of the World Stroke Federation (later joined the International Stroke Society to form the newly born, World Stroke Organization) and worked in affiliation with the Saudi Heart Association.

In 2005, the group submitted a request to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to approve the creation of the Saudi Stroke Association, which was granted in June 2006. Since then, the group ceased to function and the newly formed Association took over, with the same aims and objectives ..

In these pages, and to maintain the memory of SAGAS, you could find most of the work conducted by the group over the 6 year period of its existence ..


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