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King Fahd Hospital, Al-Baha Visit, Thursday 18, March, 2004

The group conducted its fourth lecture tour session in King Fahd Hospital, Al-Baha on the morning of Thursday, March 19, 2004. The session was attended by large number of physicians and care giver. The group is very thankful to Dr. Abdulrahman Malhorta, Head of Medicine Department and Dr. Saeed Alghamdi, Consultant Neurologist and group member for their excellent organization and hospitality. Also, we would like to thank Dr Sameer Momenah, Consultant Neurologist, King Abdulaziz Hospital, Taif, for chairing the sessions.

The program started with a verse from the holly Quraan, followed with a lecture by Dr. Malhorta on stroke issues in Al-Baha. He described the work conducted in the stroke unit, which has been operating for few years in the hospital. Then a lecture on acute ischemic stroke treatment was given by Dr. Khoja, followed with stroke cases presentations.

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