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Dammam Central Hospital Visit, Wednesday 15, February, 2006

The group conducted its sixth lecture tour session in Dammam Central Hospital, Eastern Province, on the morning of Wednesday, February 15, 2006. The session was organized by the hospital and was attended by large number of physicians and care giver were present 9more than 200 registers). The group is very thankful to Director of Education and Training, Dr. Riyadh Al-Saleh and Dr. Mohammed Hijab, Consultant Neurologist for their excellent organization and hospitality.

The program started with an introduction by Dr. Al-Saleh and Dr. Hijab, followed with the first session when Dr. Shiren Al-Qurashi (SAGAS member) gave a lecture on stroke primary and secondary prevention. Then Dr, Khoja gave a lecture on acute ischemic stroke treatment. The session was followed with an interactive discussion.

The second session was on a lecture about prognosis of stroke, given by Dr. Hijab, followed with a presentation on 3 cases of stroke given by Dr. Khoja. At the end of this session, Dr. Khoja spent 10 minutes talking about SAGAS and its objectives and future plans.

This activity was a great chance for SAGAS to continue its task on medical education for stroke. A 2 hour CME accreditation were given for this event.

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