The Periodical First Issue, May 2002



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Editor's Note

Stroke is one of the five top causes of death in the world and it is the most frequent cause of physical and mental disability. During the past few years our knowledge of cause, risks and treatment of stroke has greatly increased. New thrombolytic agents and protective medications have become available and the value of the stroke unit in improving outcome has been widely accepted. Identification of risk factors, advances in the modification of, for example, lipid disorder, and the development of new antihypertensive medications with a high degree of protection, have greatly enhanced our ability to treat stroke. The value of endarterectomy and carotid stent has been recognised and the multi-disciplinary team approach to the treatment of acute stroke is being adopted in all major health institutions, with notably good effect. Acceptance of the guidelines on the methodology for primary and secondary protection will continue to be of benefit to patients and care-givers
In the latter part of 2001 the Saudi Advisory Group Against Stroke (SAGAS) was formed  and was adopted by the Saudi Heart Association. The Group comprises interested individuals from the disciplines of neurology, cardiology, nephrology and diabetology.
SAGAS is aware of the challenge in the fight against stroke and we have adopted the slogan "Don't let stroke strike ". This is our major mission. We believe that with the help of all health professionals we can reach our goals, which are:
1.To protect the public against the disease by publishing warnings of the risks
2.Maintain the highest standards of health care for stroke patients
3.Remain aware of and propose scientific and medical advances in the understanding and treatment of this disease.
In this first issue of SAGAS periodical we introduce the mission and objectives of the Group, give an overview of the epidemiology of stroke in Saudi Arabia, and a few notes about locally published risk factors. In subsequent issues we will address different themes on stroke and its related problems. 
We shall work together towards our objective:
Saeed Bohlega, FRCPC, FRCP(Edin)