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The Second Saudi Transcranial Doppler Workshop Information Page

15 January 2004, Jeddah

Under auspices of the 12th Annual Saudi Neuroscience Symposium, Erfan Hospital

SAGAS organized the 2nd Saudi TCD Workshop during the 12th Saudi Neuroscience Symposium in Jeddah.

The objectives of this workshop were: 

1.     To obtain reasonable information on TCD principles, techniques and applications.

2.     To have an exposure on how to operate TCD machine and perform test.

3.     To correctly identify intracranial and extracranial vessels with Doppler. 

These objectives were fulfilled through comprehensive and condensed lecture on various aspects of TCD and hand on job to operate a TCD machine by participants. 

The main areas covered in the hands on jobs session were: 

        Demonstration of TCD machine

        Demonstration of complete TCD test on a normal individual

        Handling probes and machine software by applicants

        Examining extracranial vessels

        Examining intracranial vessels

        Demonstration of abnormalities on patients or on simulator


8:00 8:30 am               Registration

8:30 9:30 am       

Lecture on: 

       Principles of TCD

       Cerebral Hemodynamics and TCD Simulator

       TCD Applications 

9:30 9:45 am               Questions and group distribution 

9:45 10:00 am             Break 

10:00 12:00 am           Hands on Jobs


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