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اليوم السعودي الرابع للتوعية بالسكتة الدماغية


4th Saudi Stroke Awareness Day

In Accordance with the World Stroke Day

Dr Yaqub Al-Mazroe addressing the acctivity on behalf of his Excellency, the Minister of Health, Dr Hamad Al-Mane

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The Saudi Advisory Group Against Stroke has organized the 4th Saudi Stroke Awareness Day in the 4 Season Hotel Kingdom Hall on June 23, 2005, under the patron of the Minister of Health.

It was an opportunity for physicians to join varying disciplines to actively participate in this important debate and share their knowledge and experiences. The aim of the scientific meeting was to arrive at a consensus of action steps for stroke prevention and treatment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was also a great chance for the public to learn more on stroke. The media cover was immense, including Saudi TV, radio and local newspapers.

Special public awareness videos from the occasion in Arabic (real player needed)


What is Stroke, Dr. Khoja

Treatment and Prevention, Dr. Senani Rehabilitation, Dr. Jadid

This activity has been endorsed by the World Stroke Federation, see below:

Here what happened:

  1. The Physician session:

  • Date: Thursday, June 23, 2005

  • Time: 9 am - 1 pm

  • Location: Kingdom Hall - Four Season Hotel, Riyadh

  • Lectures:

  • Dr Afaf Al-Shamary: Stroke Risk Factors - On the Rise.

  • Dr Waleed Khoja: Burden of Stroke - Local issues in particular

  • Dr Mohammed Habab: Assessing and reducing the risk of stroke in hypertension (ACTION survey in Saudi Arabia) & Benefits of treatment for hypertensive patients

  • Dr Shireen Qurashi: Strategies for improved care in stroke prevention

  • Dr Fahmi Al-Senani:  Strategies for improved prognosis in acute care for stroke sufferers

  • Open depate and consensus

  • Lunch

  1. The Public session

  • Date: Thursday, June 23, 2005

  • Time: 4 pm - 6:30 pm

  • Location: Kingdom Hall - Four Season Hotel, Riyadh

  • Moderator: Dr Waleed Khoja

  • Participants:

    • Patients

    • DR Mahir Al-Jadid, Rehabilitation Medicine

    • Dr Fahmi Al-Senani, Neurologist

    • Dr Shireen Qurashi, Neurologist

    • Dr Ali Al-Qahtani, Psychologist

    • Dr Sadi Al-Zahrani, Speech Pathology

    • Noura Al-Omawi, Physiotherapist

    • Leena Al-Ohali, Neutition

    • Ahmed Al-Shuhri, Social worker

    • Batool Alhelo, Psychiatrist

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