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12th Annual Saudi Neuroscience Symposium

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SAGAS participated in the 12th Annual Saudi Neuroscience Symposium held in Jeddah from the period 13 -15 January, 2004. The group conducted the following activities:

  • The first ever tournament among different neurology training centers, including neurology fellows from King Khalid University Hospital (Riyadh), Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (Riyadh) and Jeddah Center. There were 7 teams and each team was composed of two fellows. The tournament was a new idea in local symposia and indeed was a challenge for SAGAS to conduct it in this huge gathering. The final round was conducted in Laylati hall and was attended by a huge number of neuro-physicians. The King Faisal Specialist Hospital team, which was composed of Dr. Iftitah Al-Houmod and Dr Iman Naseem, managed to win the final round against Jeddah center, composed of Dr. Hanaa Qadah and Dr. Nisreen Ashour. Both team did very well and the score difference was marginal. The winning team was awarded Q-tech mobile phones, which were handed by Professor Salih Al-Debeb and Dr Erfan, congratulations. Attendee were happy and gave their complements to SAGAS for conducting this activity, which actually is one of the most important goals of SAGAS, which is to support all trainee in Saudi medical training programs. Neurology fellows participating in this tournament were awarded with the text book of stroke by Charles Warlow. Professor Al-Deeb (Godfather of Saudi neurologists) was most kind when he announced that SAGAS would be conducting this activity in every Annual Saudi Neuroscience Symposia. We, in SAGAS, thank Professor Al-Deeb for his trust and we are more than happy to make this tournament a tradition in this annual symposium.


  • The best junior neurology presentation award, where SAGAS awarded the best presentation given by neurology fellows in training. There were 9 presentations, which were:

    • MI in Guillain Barre Syndrome, by Dr. Wael Dijani, Jeddah.

    • Myasthenis Gravis: RKH Experience, by Dr. Mashael Al-Qahtani, RKH.

    • Cerbral Venous Thrombosis, by Dr. Hanaa Qadah, Jeddah.

    • Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Saudis, by Dr. Mohammed Al-Zawahma, RKH.

    • Management of Refractory Status Epilepticus, by Dr. Fahd Al-Qreeshah, RKH.

    • Epilepsy in the Elderly, by Dr. Reema Zaidi, RKH.

    • Dystonia and movement Disorders, by Dr. Ibtisam Bucklain, Jeddah.

    • Generalized Chorea as Initial Manifestation of Moya-Moya Disease, by Dr. Aysha Al-Shareef, Jeddah.

    • Patent Foramen Ovale in Young Saudis with Stroke/TIA's, by Dr. Waleed Al-Mangour, RKH.

The presentations were evaluated by senior neurologist attending the sessions. The scores were elevated and very close, indicating the high quality of presentations. However, the grand prize went to Dr. Waleed Al-Mangour. He was awarded with the latest version of Qumpac Lap top, congratulations and good luck for others in next events. We need not to remind that SAGAS will always be there for neurology fellows in training.


  • A Transcranial Doppler (TCD) workshop, which was another success added to SAGAS on going educational programs. The workshop was attended by 30 physicians. A series of lectures followed with demonstration of  TCD simulator and then hands on job. The session lasted for 4 hours.


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